It can be really easy to forget to drink enough water. You probably already know that you should drink water regularly as it keeps you healthy and makes it easier for you to concentrate at school.


But now there is no excuse anymore as there's an app to help you remember.


Plant Nanny

We know it sounds strange but yes Plant Nanny can help. In it you become a virtual plant that you have to keep alive by watering. Everytime you (the real human you) has a drink of water you need to tap your app so that the virtual plant you is watered too. 


The app works out how much water you should drink each day (as you've got to let it know some info when you install it - such as weight and height). If you drink the right amount of water each day the virtual plant you will flourish and grow. If you forget it will remind you. If you completely forget the virtual plant you will droop and be sad - and eventually die!


Plant Nanny is free so have a go and see if it helps you remember.


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