It's great to catch up with friends and find about new things online but it is really important that you make sure you stay safe. Here are a few top tips to bear in mind;


TOP TIP – photos

Do you know if the picture you are posting can be seen by everyone, or just your friends?  If the whole internet can see it make sure it is doesn’t include anything that might help strangers work out who you are or where you live. Also make sure it is something you are happy for everyone to see it. As the video above says – imagine your Gran can see.


TOP TIP – talking to people online

If you meet new people online never tell them anything that might help them work out who you are. Don't share your full name, address, email address or mobile number.  Most importantly YOU MUST NOT MEET UP WITH ANYONE YOU HAVE MET ONLINE. It sounds awful but sometimes people pretend to be someone they aren’t - this can even be adults pretending to be children.


If you are filling in a form with person information, or paying for something on a website, make sure the website is ok – is there is a padlock symbol in the address bar at the top of the screen? This means that the website is secure and no one other than the website can see what you are typing there.


TOP TIP – passwords

Aaaaahhhhhhhhh. It can be tricky as you probably already have lots of passwords already but if you can


- make sure that you don’t tell anyone what any of yours are

-  use a different one for each site, and

- make sure that other people can’t guess them.


For example, don’t use your birthday, your dog’s name or your name!  Also if you get your laptop/phone/tablet to remember any of your logins make sure you know who is going to use it.


TOP TIP – webcams

Only use your webcam if you are talking to someone you already know, like a friend from school, and never talk to anyone you met online using one. Even when you are aren’t using your webcam it is a good idea to switch it off, or cover it.


TOP TIP – other websites that can help

- CBBC stay safe online

- Online safety from the NSPCC 

- Staying safe online from the Childline

- Stay safe online - more helpfu information here on Babble!


If you are worried about bullying online (this is sometimes called cyber bullying) find out more on Bullying UK - cyber bullying.  


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