The Scottish Young Carers Festival


What is it?

The Scottish Young Carers Festival has been an annual event since 2008. It’s mainly funded by Scottish Government and run by Carers Trust Scotland. It takes place over 3 days in the school summer holidays and has attracted up to 700 young carers at a time, from all over Scotland.


The Festival is seen as the national forum for young carers – the place to have your voice heard - and it offers opportunities to meet face to face with local and national decision makers, including Government Ministers. However, for many young carers, the accent is on fun and having a break from the caring role, and almost 100% of the attendees every year rate it as ‘awesome’!


I’m a young carer in Scotland! Can I go?

The Festival is open to all young carers in Scotland who are in touch with a support service. All of the young carers who attend have to be supervised by a professional, as the event is open to all age groups under 18. 


So, you need to bring a support worker. That could be someone from your local young carer service, a member of school staff, or staff supporting you in another way – for example in a looked after children’s project. The list goes on!


If you want to go to the Festival, first of all talk to the staff who provide support to you and ask them to get in touch with
Carers Trust Scotland


Do I have to pay to go?

It is free – all meals are provided, and we may be able to make a contribution towards travel costs, and some staff costs. Tents are provided, and other camping gear if you need it.


Anything else I should know?

Many changes in policy and legislation have come about as a result of the Festival, so if you are under 18 and want to have a bit of fun, as well as make a difference for young carers in Scotland, come along and join us!


Many thanks to Louise Morgan (Young Carers Development Manager Working with the SYCSA) for helping us to write this post.

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