I care for someone with drug or alcohol problems

Some people drink alcohol quite carefully and some people do not drink it at all. Some people drink alcohol, mis-use illegal drugs or use medicines (but not in the way the doctor advised them to) so that they can change the way they feel. Some people have a problem with drink or drugs which means:

  • It’s really hard to stop using drink or drugs.
  • They act in a strange or scary way when they have used alcohol or drugs.
  • They need looking after when they use alcohol or drugs.

If you live in a home where drinking or drug-use is a secret from people outside the home, it can feel like:

  • You are not sure what’s going on.
  • You don’t know who to trust. 
  • You might want to tell someone but you are not sure who or how.
  • You have lots of different feelings about what’s happening.

This may be for lots of reasons:

  • Adults and children can be scared about what will happen if they look for help.
  • People in the family don’t always keep their promises or do what they say they will do.
  • There are so many difficult feelings about the drinking or drug-use that it seems easier to pretend everything is okay.

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