How social workers could help

Some people think that social workers want to take children away from their family and place them into care. This is not true – social workers only ever find new homes for children if they are in danger at home and there is no other way of keeping them safe. Social workers can help you by:


Doing an “assessment” of your situation — An assessment is not a test, it is just a chat with a social worker about what is going well for you and what things you’d like some more help with. They will write down what you say and try to find the help that you ask for. You can choose someone else to be there with you during the assessment and you can choose where it will happen so you feel comfortable. Sometimes social workers cannot find the help you are asking for.


Finding more help for the person you look after — If the person you look after has a social worker already, tell them about all the things you do to help and how you feel. Ask them to give your family more help, so you can spend more time having fun with friends or doing school work.


Getting in touch with social workers

You can ask a social worker to help you by phoning your local Social Services Department (Social Work Department in Scotland).


Their number can usually be found on your local council’s website or by doing an internet search for the name of your local council and “social services”.


If you prefer, you can send us a message using the 'Ask a question' form and we’ll help you find the phone number.


If you have a young carers service near you, they will also help you call and talk with social services. 


Find out who else can help, or contact the Babble team using the 'Ask a question' form.

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