Who can use Babble?

There are four kinds of people who can be on Babble:

  • Young carers - anyone under 18 who regularly help look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol.
  • Young people who used to be carers - we understand that things change and carers aren't carers forever! If you're still under 18 but you're not a carer any more, we think you'll still have lots to offer our community.
  • Carers Trust staff and invited guests - The whole Online Team are trained, qualified and police checked staff who work at Carers Trust. Sometimes we invite special guests and experts onto the site to meet you, but only while we are there.
  • Other people who work with young carers - People who work with young carers can join Babble too, but we'll check who they are first. If you click on someone's Babble profile and it says 'I work with young carers', you know that the Online Team have checked it out! If you're one of these people, though, please do not come into our live webchats—those are just for young carers, unless specially arranged.

By registering with us, you are confirming that you are in one of these groups. And no matter who you are, or who you're talking to, please stick to the following rules:

What's OK to say?

Babble should be a supportive place for all young carers. Don't use language in a way that might upset or offend anybody. (This includes linking to things like videos and photos where there is offensive language.) This means you can't use racist, sexist or bullying language, or be aggressive to other people. We also ask you not to discuss ways of harming yourself, such as self harm, suicide and extreme dieting, or encourage other people to do these things, as this can negatively affect other users. Remember that other Babble users may be much younger or less confident than you.

Respect everyone's right to an opinion. It is okay to disagree with someone, but it's not okay to attack them.

Keep personal information personal. Never try to tell anyone:

  • your real name
  • where you live
  • your phone, text, messenger or email details
  • how to find you on other internet services or social networks

Remember: you can never know that someone on a website is who they appear to be. These rules are to keep you safe from the small number of adults out there who pretend to be young people.

It’s also important you don’t share links to other online places, where more of your personal details may be available. This could also encourage others to go to these sites, where the safety and rules may be very different from Babble.

Please don't post messages that can be deemed as commercial advertising, as these will be removed.


To keep everyone safe, we ask that you do not post any photos in which people are identifiable (including yourself). You can of course post photos of other things, but take care in making sure there isn’t anything in the pictures that would identify you (things like your school jumper, or front door!) You might sometimes see pictures of other young carers if they've been part of one of Carers Trust's media campaigns. They have been trained in keeping themselves safe, and they and their families have agreed to their pictures being used in this way. If you'd be interested in opportunities like this, get in touch via youngcarers@carers.org!

Any photos of carers used in posts by the Online Support team (this includes Carers Trust tips, A young carer asked....., Brians Smiles, Barbara Reports, and Brenda Speakopotamus) are posed by models unless we say otherwise.

If things go wrong

If you see anyone breaking these rules or abusing our service, or if you see anything that worries you, click the Flag button to report it to us. If you can't see the Flag button (for example, if it's part of a live webchat), email us straight away on youngcarers@carers.org and tell us about it.

If you try to break the rules in a chat session, we will remind you of the rules and may stop you from using the chat session or ban you from using the site.

If you try to post a message or comment that breaks the rules, we will edit it or may have to delete it.

If anyone who is not a young carer or former young carer enters our chat room, they will be asked to leave by the Online Team.


We often hear from professionals, students and researchers who wish to post messages asking for young carers' views about things. Please contact us at youngcarers@carers.org before doing that. We will only post messages from professionals if we consider them to be of interest and benefit to our members. We'll try to help where we can, but we reserve the right not to publish things on our message boards. Even if you're a Babble member because you work with young carers, remember that this is a place for young carers to hang out, socialise and support one another, not to feel studied or questioned.

Is this site confidential?

Messages that you post on Babble are usually only visible to other members of the Babble community—not to the whole internet, and not to search engines like Google. (If you're one of our Champions who has agreed to publish things for everyone to see, it works differently for you, but we'll talk it through with you.) However, there might still be hundreds or thousands of Babble members, so we recommend you don't share anything with the community that you would be worried about if it went further.

If you join the site or contact the Online Team privately, we normally keep any personal information you give us private and don't pass it on to anyone else. We wouldn't even think of trying to help you against your wishes unless we were very concerned about someone's safety. But if you tell us something which gives us a good reason to think that someone is at risk or in danger, we may have to tell another organisation about it to get help for that person.

We keep a confidential record of the questions and messages that are emailed to us and where we record any personal info that you decide to give us. This is to help us remember the people we get to know, and to provide a good service. Nothing is kept secret from you, and we will be happy to show you what information we have about you. These records are usually erased after one year.

For details of the information this site stores about you see the Babble FAQ page.

Need to know more?

We welcome young people, professionals or parents contacting us to find out more about our service and how it is kept safe for young people. If you would like more information, please contact our team at youngcarers@carers.org.

By choosing to use Babble, you consent to these rules.

Read more about what you can expect from us.

Messages and chat posted by users on this site are their own opinions, and are in no way endorsed by Carers Trust.