Babble was funded by The Queen's Trust

Why do I need an account?

We want young carers to feel that Babble is a safe place to make posts, share their ideas and support each other. So, it’s a private community: you can only write things and see what’s going on if you become a member too.

But you can still get help from the Online Team even if you don’t have an account. You can click 'Ask a question' if you’d like to ask the Online Team something, and you can read all of our information and advice by clicking on the #Filter button at the top.

What will I see on Babble?

The main part of Babble is the timeline: the front page that shows everything that’s been going on recently. You might see messages, pictures and thoughts from other Babble users, information and advice from the Online Team here at Carers Trust, or all sorts of things! Have a look and see what’s there today — and remember to click to Like or comment on anything you feel like.

What can I put on Babble?

What’s on your mind? Write about whatever you feel like (but remember to stick to our house rules) — ask a question, tell us what’s going on for you, share something interesting, tell a story… whatever!

Status sticker: Just want to shout a quick few words about how you’re feeling? Write up to 25 letters, choose a colour, shape and font, and you’re done.

Photo: Upload your photo and give it a description if you want.

Video: Found a good video on YouTube or Vimeo? Copy and paste the link here.

Comments: Everything on Babble is the start of a conversation! Just click Comment underneath anything you see to join in.

Private help: The Online Team is here to help, every single day of the year. If you’d like an answer to a private question by email, click Ask a question at the top. We’ll get back to you soon!

When I put something on Babble, where will it go?

It’s up to you.

When you make a post, status, photo or video, you can decide: Do you want other members of the Babble community to see it? Or is it just something private for you to look at later? Choose an option before you click Post.

When you post things for other people to see, only other Babble members will be able to see them. If someone hasn’t logged in, or if they search on Google or Bing or something, they won’t see what you’ve written.… except if we ask you to be one of our Champions for a while (and if you’d like to do it). Then, you’ll be able to write things that people can see even when they’re not logged into Babble. So your posts won’t be so private but you’ll be helping to encourage other young carers to join us!

If you click 'Ask a Question', your message will just come to us privately by email. But if you’d like, you can tick the box and we’ll also publish your question and our answer on Babble for others to see, like an agony aunt in a magazine. Maybe your question will help others, and maybe you’ll get some useful suggestions from other people too.

What are Babble Champions?

Babble Champions are some of our users who help to make the community a welcoming and friendly place. 

They are members of Babble who have been with us for a while, and who can be relied upon to log in regularly and be a 'friendly face' to newer members of the community. 

Their posts are also public (unlike everyone else's, whose posts are private to the community), so that they can be seen by anyone visiting the community. 

If you’d be interested in this role, then just drop us an email to youngcarers@carers.org.

What can you expect from us?

When supporting our online communities, we will:

  • create, together with you, a friendly space for carers to connect;
  • ensure that community members abide by the community rules and treat each other with respect;
  • offer you relevant advice about your caring role when asked, as well as being happy to have a laugh with you in the chatroom;
  • respect what and how you write, only editing things in line with the community rules.

In responding to your private emails, we will:

  • reply to you by the following day at the latest;
  • treat you with respect;
  • try to find useful suggestions and be honest with you when we can't;
  • always try to link you with a local service for carers if we think it’ll be helpful.


  • we will take your privacy seriously and only share your information with others if we're concerned about someone's safety

Find out more information about how our community works

Information and advice

As well as posts, pictures and comments from other young carers, there’s lots of information and advice from the Online Team here too. Everything on Babble has a #tag to help you see what it’s about — click on the #Filter button at the top of the website to find what you’re looking for.

I’ve forgotten my password

Don’t worry—just click on Login at the top of the website, then click on I forgot to get a new password emailed to you.

What are the animals about?

Whenever you do something on Babble (for example, write a post, share a picture, fill in your profile, comment or Like someone else’s post) you’ll get more points. And as you get more points, you’ll move up through the different animals. They are:

1.    Panda (everyone starts as this)
2.    Cat
3.    Owl
4.    Zebra
5.    Lion

It’s just a bit of fun — why not see how far you can get? But remember, only the things you’ve done in the last month count, so you need to keep coming back!


Everything on Babble has a ‘tag’, to help people find the things that interest them. So, when you post something, choose the right tag for it. For example, if you posted a funny picture you would tag it ‘lol’. If you wanted to post something more serious you could choose ‘seriously’.


Our chatroom is now open, at selected times, and is always supervised by one of the online team. The chatroom is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, from 5.00 - 6.00pm, and on Wednesdays, from 7.00 - 8.00pm. From time to time, we'll be holding special events and guest webchats, so keep an eye on the Timeline for updates.


Underneath each post on Babble you’ll see a little ‘pin’ button. When you click that, the post will be saved onto your own profile page, so you can collect what interests you and go back to see it whenever you want. If you choose to pin something privately, nobody else will be able to see it on your page.


Click Search at the top of the website to search for something. If you search while you’re looking at your profile page, it will just search through the things you’ve put on there.


If you see anything that worries you, or anything you think breaks the house rules, click on the flag underneath it. This will send a message to the Online Team, and we’ll look at it carefully within a day. If two people report something like this, it will disappear straight away and not come back until we’ve checked it.

Return to home page

You can return to the home page from anywhere on the site by pressing the pink smiley Babble icon at the top of every page.


Sign up to receive the monthly Babble newsletter. If you are a Babble member you can subscribe and unsubscribe from the by clicking 'Edit newsletter preference' on your profile page. 

Where can I get help?

If you need help using Babble, or if you’d like support or advice about anything that’s worrying you, you can send a confidential message to the Online Team by clicking 'Ask a question' or emailing youngcarers@carers.org. We’re available every day, and will get back to you soon.

Who runs Babble?

Babble has been created by Carers Trust as an online space where those aged under 18 who are caring for a family member or friend can chat, share their experiences and access information and advice. Find out more about Carers Trust.

Babble was funded by a grant from The Queen's Trust.

The Queen's Trust supports projects in the UK that enable and encourage young people to help others.

What information does this site store about me?

When you sign up to Babble you provide us with information such as your name, email address and age, and when you complete the registration form you’re agreeing to our Terms and Conditions (all the details about that, as well as how the site uses cookies and IP addresses can be found in our Privacy Policy). This means that we might contact you to let you know about other services or opportunities provided by Carers Trust. If you don’t want to receive this type of information from us then please email us at youngcarers@carers.org stating “I do not wish to be contacted by Carers Trust regarding services and offers” and we’ll make sure none come your way.

If you register for our newsletter, your information will be held on a secure server and it will not be shared with any other organisations. It will be used only to send you emails about the site.