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Great news about a special event, on the 15th of August! We are holding a live webchat for you to say what support would help young carers. Jean King who works for the government will be online to listen ...


Come along to the chat sessions and take a break from your day. Talk to other young carers about how things are going for you, about your favourite films and books, your day at school, what you'll ...

Do you want some ideas of fun things to do with younger siblings this summer? How about this 10-minute Summer Shake Up?


It's fun, it's energetic and you might just want to do it for yourself...?



Hi there, 
My Mum has fibromyalgia. Could you give me a little bit more information about her illness? I help care for her and I am 8.

Many thanks.

(written by class teacher on my behalf)


This question was ...

Do you struggle to know what you say when someone has died?

Do you worry about saying the wrong thing?

It's always hard to find words when we are sad and those around us are sad too. Sometimes just to say 'I ...